Supplies We Purchased

Avenir Mini Metro Handlebar Bag $14.77
This is for the front of my bike and will hold wallet, bike lock keys and other items we might need when we are off on our "side trips". I choose this bag because it has a strap for carrying when we are walking around Hermann, Jefferson City, etc.

Jackery Giant+ Premium Portable Charger Aluminum $31.95
To keep the iPhone and iPad charged up along the trail!

2 Spare Bicycle Tubes $5.09              

Slime SKAB tire patch kit $2.96

Retro Rosie the Riveter Women's Cycling Jersey $35 on Ebay

I researched a lot of panniers, and decided these were the best quality for a decent price. Let's hope they hold up!

So, I have a tiny voice and nobody ever hears me when I say "on your left" as I am passing them, so I decided I needed a bell ;) !

I've seen other riders use these cargo nets to attach things to the top of their pannier bags. I thought we should have a couple just in case we run out of room in our panniers!

This is totally not necessary, but it's cool and my Husband really wanted it for this bike ;)!

I already have this, and love it, so I will be using it on our trip!

I'm sure we won't need this, because we will have the most awesome weather, but it's best to be prepared. This only comes one size and fits my Husband perfectly, but is way too big for me, so I need to find something for myself!

I scored this $70 Free Country "Packable" Rain Jacket for $18.24! It folds up into one of the pockets so it will save space!

After opening up the Avenir Excursion Panniers (and asking my Husband if he was going to fill his up, or if I could put some things in his too), I was afraid they weren't big enough, so I ordered Bicycle Roswheel Rear Seat Trunk Bag Handbag Bag Pannier Black for $13.21. Also, the Rear Rack to attach it for $14.96.

We've had these helmets for the last few years and love them! 

We purchased them on for about $35. 

BERN Lenox Summer EPS Matte Helmet with Magenta Brim 

Bern 2012 Brentwood Helmet with Visor

Here are some of the great features:

  • Meets Safety Certification ASTM F 2040, CPSC and EN 1078
  • The Lowest Profile Head Protection offering doesn't look like a spaceship landed on your head like other brands do.
  • Fit system at back of the head customizes to the shape of the head, keeping it stable and comfortable.
  • Separate Winter liner can be purchased to convert to either cold weather bike riding, or for skiing/snowboarding.

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