Wednesday, May 13, 2015

**UPDATE** After booking months in advance and calling a few weeks ago to verify our stay...The Georgetown Inn just called me to CANCEL :( 

That's ok...we are now staying in the possibly haunted
Hotel Bothwell". 

TIP: Join their "Choice Privileges" rewards (for free) and save on your reservation :) !

"The third floor of this 1927 jazz-era hotel is hopping with the spirit set! Besides seeing numerous ghosts, guests have reported unexplained voices and personal objects that mysteriously go missing in the night."


  1. That's even better - you'll love the Bothwell!

    1. Thanks! We are looks wonderful and the reviews are great!

  2. A friend and I spent a great night at The Bothwell last September -- a lovely, comfortable room with 2 full bathrooms (!) and delicious breakfast. They have a locked room in their basement for bicycles, but were OK with our taking our bikes into our room. It is an old elevator, with room for just one bicycle. It is an easy ride from the Katy. Don't miss the Sedalia Depot!


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