#KatyTrail Itinerary

So, I am a TOTAL planner. However, we decided we would "wing it" on this trip. Ummm...so I just made up a small outline to make sure we stayed on track to check into our Bed & Breakfasts on time. Also, I wanted to make note of all the things we're hoping to explore along the trail! P.S. Click on names in Bolt Italic Red for more information!

Travel DayAmtrak Kirkwood-Sedalia 4:00pm-7:39pm $37 for Sal & bike ~ FREE for Jen w/ Amtrak Points +$10 for bike 

Shuttle from Sedalia to Clinton VictoryShuttle (660) 221-7795, Jerry-Blue Hyundai Elantra (1 hour) $70 CASH 
Stay overnight @ Hampton Inn Clinton includes Breakfast $107.02 

Day 1:
Clinton MM 264.6 - Sedalia 35.6 miles
(through Calhoun MM 255.2*, Windsor MM 248.0**, Green Ridge MM 239.2)
*Grain Elevator/Bullseye Store MM 242.6 Highest Point on Katy Trail

**Amish (closed on Sunday) & Farrington Park/LakePaddle Boats southeast on Florence for 8/10 of a mile. When Florence ends at Jackson Street, go left on Jackson 1/10 of a mile. This puts you at the southwest corner of the park. 

**Raymond’s Family Restaurant or WagonWheel Cafe (closed Wed & Sun) LUNCH.

Stay overnight in Sedalia @ MM 229 Georgetown Inn 22166 Highway Dr 2pm arrival 660-826-3941 $96.14  ***Brick Front Grill Dinner 3007 W Broadway Blvd

**UPDATE** After booking months in advance and calling a few weeks ago to verify our stay...The Georgetown Inn just called me to CANCEL :( 
That's ok...now we are staying in the possibly haunted "Hotel Bothwell". TIP: Join their "Choice Privileges" rewards (for free) and save on your reservation :) ! $81.70 includes tax

Day 2: (Leave by 9am)

Sedalia MM 227.1 no services 24 miles – Boonville MM 191.8** 39 miles

(through Clifton City MM 215.4, Pilot Grove MM 203.3*, Prairie Lick MM 197)

*Laundry Mat/Becky’s Burgers & Cones Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-2PM
Saturday 10AM-1:30PM Summer: Friday nights 5PM-8PM 208 College St, Pilot Grove, MO 65276 (12:00 arrival) 
******Becky's is now called Katarina's Homestyle Cafe****** 
Mon - Thu:
8:00 am - 2:00 pm
8:00 am - 2:00 pm
4:00 pm - 9:00 pm
9:30 am - 1:30 pm

**Casino/Farmer’s Pick Buffet ~ 100 Isle of Capri Blvd Boonville, MO, 65233      

Snoddy’s Store ~  (BIG SANDWICHES) From the north side of the MO river bridge at Boonville, continue north on hwy 5 about 1/4 mile. Snoddy's is on the right.

Stay overnight in Boonville @ MM 190.5 RiverceneMansion 127 County Road 463 Tel: 660-848-2497 MM 191.8 $119 plus tax 

Day 3: (Leave 9am)

Boonville MM 191.8 - Hartsburg 38.2 miles

(through New Franklin MM 191, Rocheport MM 178.3*, Huntsdale MM 171.7**, McBaine MM 169.5*** (MKT Fitness Trail Spur to Columbia 8.9), Providence****, Easley MM 162.5, Wilton MM 157.4)

*Voted best Day Trip city. Railroad tunnel, shops Les Bourgeois Vineyards/Blufftop Bistro 14020 W Hwy Bb LUNCH (10:30 arrival) (leave by 1pm)

Lewis & Clark Cave MM 174.4

**Huntsdale ~ Native American Petroglyphs ~ As you stand across from the Lewis and Clark Cave, petroglyphs can be seen 50 feet above the cave and just to your left. There is a rock ledge just below them that birds often perch on.

***MM 171.7 Katfish Katy’sCampstore-Great resource for bikers!!

300 year old Burr Oak Tree ~ Directions: Near MM 170, you'll see the tree to the south, some 100 yards or so from the trail

****Pierced Rock ~ MM 166.9   Coopers Landing store Thai Food ~ MM 163.5 (3 pm?)

Stay overnight in Hartsburg MM 153.6 @ Globe Hotel Bed & Breakfast (CATS!) (4 pm?) 573-657-4529 $100 (laundry services available) 

On Highway 63, 3 miles South of Ashland turn West on Route A, then five miles to Hartsburg, Mo. One block south of Post Office on left. Attractive two story 115 year old blue Hotel*Dotty’s CafĂ© good breakfast*  *Hitching Post Bar*  *****The Grand Restaurant nice DINNER 573-657-1414*****

Day 4: (Leave 9am)
Hartsburg MM 153.6 – Rhineland MM 105 48.6 miles
(through Claysville MM 149.8, N. Jefferson MM 143.2*, (12 miles no services through Wainwright MM 137.6 to: Tebbetts MM 131.2), Mokane MM 125**, Steedman MM 121.4, Portland MM 115.9, Bluffton MM 110)

*2 mile Bike Path across Missouri River Bridge to: Jefferson City (arrive 10am-leave by 1pm or 11am if we want to make High Tea) *Captial Building*– *PrisonBrews* LUNCH 305 Ash St, Jefferson City, MO *Central Dairy Ice cream 610 Madison St., Jefferson City, MO 65101 *Carnahan Memorial Garden *Mo State Pen Ghost Tours

**Mokane Bar & Grill ? - Standing Rock ~ Mile 120.4-6 (2.5 hours)

Les Lavandes B&B MM 105 Rhineland $139 plus tax  (1 hour ~ Arrive 3pm for High Tea?) 215 Highway P Starkenburg Rhineland, MO. 65069 WITH 4 Course DINNER!

Day 5: (Leave 9am)
Rhineland MM 105 – Augusta MM 66.3 38.7 miles
(through McKittrick MM 100.8 (Hermann)*, Gore MM 93.8, Treloar MM 84.4, Peers MM 81.2, Marthasville MM 77.7**, Dutzow MM 74)

*HWY 19 & 94…Just west of where we pass under hwy 19…protected bike lane to Hermann…less than 3 miles (arrive 10:00), Stone Hill Winery & VintageRestaurant 1110 Stone Hill Hwy, Dessert = Sugar Momma’s 407 Market Street  (leave by 12:30)

**FILL WATER BOTTLES (arrive 2:30)

Stay overnight in Augusta MM 66.4 @ The Lindenhof Bed & Breakfast 5596 Walnut (Hot Springs Hot Tub ~ 4pm check-in)  $140.56 (arrive 4:00)
***Silly GooseRestaurant-Dinner 5-8pm 5501 Locust Street
***Kate’s Coffee House 5525 Walnut St
***Halcyon Augusta Spa TIME!!   211 Jackson St

Day 6:
Augusta – Machens 39.5 miles
(through Matson MM 60.6, Defiance MM 59.1 FILL WATER, Weldon Springs MM 56 to (NO Services) St. Charles MM 39.5*, Machens 26.9 END!

*Bike Stop Cafe ~ lunch and to pick up our 237.7 DECAL! 701 S Riverside Dr, Dessert = Little O's Soda Shop 125 N Main St

237.7 miles! I hope my Sister is there to pick us up in Machens!
**REVISED** So, the Machens Trailhead is hard to access by car. Thanks to a comment-er...we will be riding to Machens (we really want to officially ride end-to-end) and then ride 3 miles back to the Black Walnut Trailhead (
L​a​t​i​t​u​d​e​:​ ​3​8​.​8​7​3​7​7​8​ ​L​o​n​g​i​t​u​d​e​:​ ​-​9​0​.​3​7​1​2​1​8​,​ ​S​t​ ​C​h​a​r​l​e​s​,​ ​M​O​ ​6​3​3​0​1​-​7​1​1​0​ ​U​S​) to be picked up!
***So, after biking the entire trail, there was NO way that I was back tracking 3 miles to Black Walnut Trailhead! My Sister was able to pick us up in Machens! We went around the boulders at the end of the Machens trailhead, over the train tracks, and followed the road to the right. We met her at the end of the road, which connects with the outer highway road. No problems at all!***

I know this itinerary looks a little full, but if we don't see everything on it, it's ok, our main goal is definitely to explore, stop to soak up the sun & observe nature and just enjoy each other & everything the trail has to offer. Thanks to Desertpig for the sweet reminder (We absolutely WILL!) "Enjoy your anniversary adventure, and leave time each day for serendipity, checking the creeks for turtles and smelling the flowers!"



  1. Is Les Lavandes B&B still open. We've stayed there 3 times and it was great. However we received emails a few years ago that they have retired. Visit the churches next to it. The climb from the Katy to the B&B is long and steep!

    1. Yes it's definitely open (maybe different owners?) I spoke with Myrta and I received my email confirmation for our reservations. She's wonderful! She did say they will be gone for the next couple of months on vacation, but they are returning!
      Yikes...thanks for the warning about the long, steep climb! Not what we want to see at the end of our day of biking, but it sounds like it will be worth the climb :)!

    2. From Myrta @Les Lavandes~ We are open during the spring and fall season. There was a time, maybe a couple of years ago, we thought about possibly closing due to my husband's age. After so many responses from many times visiting guests, asking us to keep it open at least part of the year, we started the spring and fall operation and love it!

  2. You might want to reconsider having your sister pick you up at the Machens Trailhead as it's not very accessible by car. The Black Walnut Trailhead is 3 miles west of Machens and has a paved road nearby. The Bike Shop Cafe in St Charles is wonderful! And they will give you a 237.7 decal when you finish the Katy Trail. A friend and I rode from Clinton to Machens and back to Clinton in September and had a fantastic time! Enjoy your anniversary adventure, and leave time each day for serendipity, checking the creeks for turtles and smelling the flowers!

    1. Thank you SO much! I was worried about being picked up in Machens, but we do want to officially ride from end-to-end. Thanks again...we have revised our plan to ride to Machens and then back 3 miles to the Black Walnut Trailhead!

      I know this itinerary looks a little full, but if we don't see everything on it, it's ok, our main goal is definitely to explore, stop to soak up the sun & observe nature and just enjoy each other & everything the trail has to offer. Thank you for the reminder!

  3. Jen,

    My wife Donna and I are doing almost the exact same itinerary as your are, on May 5th-12th. We're doing it to end on my 65th birthday. If you'd like to chat or get together to compare notes before the trips, we'd be happy to do that. Like you, we've been pretty involved in planning for the trip. I can be reached at 314 409-8932 or andybresler@gmail.com. Good luck to you!

    Andy Bresler
    St. Louis

    1. Andy,
      Yes, that sounds like a fantastic idea! I will email you :)


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