Monday, December 29, 2014

It all started with a question.....

What should we do for our 20th #Wedding Anniversary? 

We ♥ the beach, so that was naturally our first thought. A nice relaxing all-inclusive beach vacation sounded great at first. We like adventure though, so I'm not sure how much "relaxing" we could do before getting bored. We also started thinking that we always go to the beach, and it wouldn't be a really "special" trip, so we started thinking again. We thought of Las Vegas. We've never been there and knew it would be a new experience that we would always remember. However, WHY have we never been to Vegas? Well, we decided it's really not "our" thing, and were afraid we wouldn't have the time of our lives. More thinking...Yoga/Clean Eating/Super Healthy Spa Retreats (I was all about those, but the hubby...not so much. I'm a little obsessive when it comes to health. You can check out my Clean Eating Fitness Junkie page on Facebook if you'd like to know just how obsessive! Anyway, next option was the Grand Canyon. Yes, we've been wanting to visit Arizona and the Grand Canyon, but we want to tackle that adventure with the kids! Oooohhhhh, that last part gave me an idea. What do we want to do that the kids DON'T want to do!? 

The whole family loves biking the Katy Trail, but the few times I mentioned taking a week and biking the ENTIRE Katy Trail...well, let's just say the looks I got from the kids' were not looks of excitement. I distinctively remember them asking if I was crazy! 
We had recently biked 15 miles in downtown St. Louis for Pedal The Cause, and really enjoyed it. 
Pedal The Cause was a new organization to us. In November of 2012, after feeling a lump in his neck, and several tests Husband was diagnosed with Tonsil Cancer. He was immediately scheduled for a Tonsillectomy to remove both tonsils and a Neck Dissection to remove the lymph nodes that had been invaded by cancerous cells. Once he recovered from the surgery, he had to endure 6 weeks of radiation therapy. 

Ringing the bell on his last day of therapy was extremely exciting!
His Dr.'s declared him "cured" and he was recovered MONTHS sooner than the Dr.'s said he would be!!! (I am pretty sure it was from all the Juice Plus+ and Green Smoothies I fed him ☺!) He needed to start building his strength back up, and bike riding was the main thing that he could do without getting exhausted or having any painful side effects. So, this is when we really got into bike riding.

So, it's settled! We will be biking the entire #Katy Trail, 237.7 miles, from Clinton to Machens (plus extra miles for our side trip adventures) for our 20th Wedding Anniversary and staying in Bed & Breakfasts each night!! Our Wedding Anniversary is March 25th, but I do NOT do never ever! It will very likely be cold (and by cold, I mean any temperature below 72 degrees!) in March. 
Soooo, we decided to take on this adventure at the end of May. May 25, 2015 just happens to be our 25th Anniversary of being a couple ☺!

I wanted to make this blog to not only log our adventures, but to provide helpful information for others that are planning to bike the entire Katy Trail! I will be posting updates on our supply purchases, itinerary, and much more! I will also update as we are cruising along the trail...hopefully more happy news than mishaps...either way it will be an adventure to remember and I hope you'll be able to use our experiences to help you plan your Katy Trail adventure! 

We are in research/planning mode now! Our first plan of action 
is to scour the internet for information and to read 
The Complete Katy Trail Guidebook, by Brett Dufur.

We are open to any & all please don't be shy about 
commenting and offering your advice!