Saturday, January 3, 2015

YIKES!! Lesson learned...#BookEarly!!

So, we have read and highlighted "The Complete Katy Trail Guidebook" from cover to cover...a couple of times. Then I went through the book once again...Mile Marker by Mile Marker and created a rough draft of our Itinerary. I also researched each location on the internet and read reviews on tripadvisor. The Katy Trail Trip Planner website was also useful to research and read reviews.

It's January and our trip isn't until May, so I thought we had plenty of time to make our Bed & Breakfast reservations. Oooooooh nooooo, not so! I inquired about staying at the High Street Victorian today, only to receive an email back stating " I'm sorry the rooms booked up pretty quick." I started to panic and immediately starting calling all of the perfect places we had painstakingly researched and chosen. More bad news...I found out the Rendleman Home has been hit by a car and the owner isn't currently taking reservations. He's just not sure when it will be repaired and up and running again. On to our other chosen Bed & Breakfasts....YES!...they all still had openings for our days and we are BOOKED! We also found what we think are superb replacements for the two locations that aren't available to us! It all worked out in the end and we are even more excited now! Every single one of the Bed & Breakfasts owners I spoke with were so very kind and welcoming...we can't wait to meet them in person!

Here's where you can view our Katy Trail Itinerary




  1. THANK YOU! I just stumbled upon your blog while planning my own June 2015 trip. I hadn't yet started making reservations so you've given me a major heads up. I had Rendleman House on our itinerary too and I'm struggling now to figure out how to plan around it. I'm not keen on the idea of hostelling in Tebbetts.

    1. Oh wonderful! So glad you stumbled upon us! We were really looking forward to staying at Rendleman House. The owner is such a fabulous guy...I talked to him for awhile on the phone.
      We decided to bike a little further that day and stay at Les Lavandes B&B. Myrta is just the sweetest and from what I gather, she is a fabulous cook! We even booked one of her special request dinners for the night we are staying there!


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